VOICES captures the coalition of OTM through our member groups on the ground.  Since 2012, OTM has collected over 300 postcards, pictures, videos, and spoken testimonials on the issue of transportation justice in Greater Boston. Here are some of the mixed media offerings: 


Meet OTM Coalition Member, Mela Cardoza-Bush of the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition


Check out VOICES Video –‘Bus Number 1: Dudley Square-to-Harvard Square 

Boston has the oldest transportation system in the nation and is responsible for over million trips a day. Yet, the quality of riders experience is vastly different for those who have a choice to ride versus those who depend on it. Check out the interviews of riders of the Number One bus, a route that travels from Harvard campus in Cambridge to the heart of Boston’s historically black neighborhood in Dudley square.

How can we achieve an equitable public transit system where the burdens and benefits are shared equally?