We advocate for:

  • A public transit system that is reliable, affordable, and safe, works for all riders, is equitable across transit types, and recognizes the special importance of public transit to people who cannot afford automobiles. Transit dependent neighborhoods must receive first class rapid transit service that provides direct access to major employment, government, health care, shopping, culture, education, and recreation destinations.
  • A transportation system in which clean air, environmental protection, environmental justice, and protection of the public health are top priorit ies and in which no community is overburdened with pollution or other adverse impacts of transportation.
  • A transportation funding system that provides adequate funds for reliable, affordable, and safe urban transit and safe bicycle and pedestrian spaces on all of our streets.
  • A transportation planning system in which transportation improvements further the creation of diverse livable communities with housing affordable to all income levels. Transit improvement and expansion projects must protect and build stable and diverse neighborhoods and not cause the displacement of lower income communities or communities of color.
  • A transportation decision-making system that is democratic, open, transparent, and accountable to transit riders, and in which t ransit dependent riders have a seat at the table. The Boards of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) must be representative of the persons they serve and include public transit riders from transit dependent communities. The MBTA and MPO must prioritize meaningful public involvement by all segments of the community in their decision making processes.

As of February 2011, OTM has signed on in support of the Transportation Economic Development and Ridership Act (TEDRA), filed by Representative Carl Sciortino. With 21 co-sponsors in the House and 2 in the Senate (for the full list of sponsors as of March 2011 see the factsheet), TEDRA  builds for the future of the Commonwealth by spurring job creation and economic development through maintaining and repairing roads and bridges; growing public transportation ridership across all transit modes each year; and creating improved regional fairness and equity in the way that we fund transportation across the Commonwealth. 

For more information about the legislation, download the factsheet.