Take Action!



Take action today!

This year the MBTA and other regional transit authorities will once again face financial hardship, making the threat of more cuts to service and fare increases a frightening and upsetting reality.

Stand with us in demanding the Legislature fix public transportation and make it sustainable, affordable, and equitable.

  1. Look up your elected Senator and Representative in the MA Statehouse
  2. Call them both and tell them why public transit is important to you, and what choices you would be forced to make if the cycle of fare increases and service cuts continues.  Tell them, “Having an affordable, sustainable and equitable transportation system for all riders is important to me, and I hope you will do all you can to support a long-term fix that doesn’t rely on service cuts and fare increases!”
  3. Become active in On the Move with one of our amazing member organizations!

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Action for Regional Equity

Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) (including the T Riders Union)

Arborway Committee

Bikes Not Bombs

Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

LivableStreets Alliance


Sierra Club

Washington Street Corridor Coalition.


OTM Priorities

  • Our top priority for 2012 is to educate the public about the MBTA’s legacy of Big Dig debt and to ensure that the legislature prioritizes adequate funding for the MBTA so that it can safely operate its transit system without fare increases or service cuts.  A 23% percent fare increase was approved by the legislature and the MBTA in July and the 2013-2014FY deficit will approach close to $200 million dollars without some long-term funding and reform commitments to the transportation funding issue in the Commonwealth.
  • Through our members, we participate in the work of state wide coalitions the Green Justice Coalition and Transportation For Massachusetts on developing a 21st century transportation system that will FIX IT! FUND IT! MAKE IT FAIR!
  • Among other progressive transportation initiatives, we support: the Arborway Committee’s goal of restoring Green Line service through Jamaica Plain; the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition’s goal of transforming the Fairmount Line into the Indigo Line with five additional stations and more frequent and improved service; the T Riders Union goal of better bus service and upgrading the most used urban bus routes to rapid transit; and the Washington Street Corridor Coalition’s goal of restoring rail service between Dudley Square and Downtown Crossing.
  • We work for good transit connections using environmentally sustainable forms of transportation such as biking and walking, and we support principles of Transit Oriented Development.


To find out what you can do to advocate for real transportation justice in Greater Boston and the Commonwealth, contact Kevin at OTM.