OTM Transit Equity Summit

Greater Boston’s First Transit Equity



     Boston, MA, March 2nd– The Greater Boston Transportation Justice Coalition, On The Move (OTM) , convened Greater Boston’s first Transit Equity Summit, March 2nd, at the City Year Headquarters in the Back Bay. “Our public transportation system is in crisis. The people who suffer the most are those with the least to spare and who depend on the system to access jobs, school, healthcare appointments and volunteer opportunities,” says Kevin Odell, Coalition Coordinator for OTM.

It has been a year since the last fare hikes and service cuts, yet another round of fares hikes and service cuts looms on the horizon. “Cuts and hikes are a stop-gap measure that hurts transit dependent riders the most. We’re stuck in a cycle that punishes low-income communities, youth and seniors for a politically constructed problem,” says Jeremy Hanson of Bikes Not Bombs an On The Move coalition member. For the past few years, communities have fought on the defensive against hikes and cuts that would force riders to pay more for less service. This summit provided a visioning opportunity for riders, youth and advocates to prioritize the needs of the community.

The event  featured: workshops on current equity campaigns around fare hikes and service cuts, government accountability to riders, access for youth and seniors, how to design livable streets and sustainably fund the system; M/B/T/A Lab, an interactive art installation that explores transportation justice from a perspective of mobility as a human right and transportation as a public resource; an exercise in mapping the gaps in service and capturing ideas and next steps for creating an equitable system. Check out photos from the event on OTM’s facebook page here.

On the Move is a coalition of community and statewide organizations in greater Boston that came together in 2000 to advocate for transportation justice using community driven solutions.



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