Green Justice Coalition Rally For Public Transit-Fix It! Fund It! Make It Fair!

On The Move invites you to join riders and workers from across the State on Wednesday, May 16th @ 11AM on the Statehouse Steps as we gather to protect transit systems across the state by launching the Green Justice Coalition’s campaign – Public Transit–Public Good.  

Leaders will speak out FOR fair short-term fixes and meaningful long-term solutions and AGAINST regressive proposals across the state to hike fares and cut transit service. Street theater will highlight the impacts of inadequate transit funding and service on our communities.

Check out this flyer on the event from GJC!

More more information, contact either:

Diana Bell
(617) 723-2669

Soledad Boyd
(617) 723-2669


On The Move (OTM) is a coalition member and partner of the Green Justice Coalition’s Statewide “PUBLIC TRANSIT-PUBLIC GOOD” campaign for transportation justice. For more information on GJC, check out their website at 


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