The Fast Five Come to the Rescue of MBTA Riders

From the Metro (2/28/11): T Riders Union has Come to the Rescue

Who are the Fast Five?

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On the Move (OTM) is a coalition of nine community based organizations in greater Boston that came together in 2002 to advocate for transportation justice. We also strive for REAL TRANSIT EQUITY in the Greater Boston area. Here is a definition of EQUITY from our friends at PolicyLink.

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Just and fair inclusion. An equitable society is one in which all can participate and prosper. The goals of equity must be to create conditions that allow all to reach their full potential. In short, equity creates a path from hope to change.

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Save the T Rally, 1/23 at 12PM

Transportation Justice

Rally and March!

January 23, 2012


Get your YA! WHAM! BOO! TO THE FARE HIKES AND SERVICE CUTS, TOO! beast out on Monday, January 23, 2012, 12pm at the State House. For more information on what, where, how and why-check out OTM member organization Transit Riders Union (TRU) website and Facebook page for more details.

On The Move (OTM) is responding to the Fare Hikes and Service Cuts Proposals with a blend of Tactics from our Member Organizations.

Click here for a list of upcoming public hearings and workshops sponsored by the MBTA!